Is He Sick?

Yesterday, I found myself asking out loud and to myself, “Is he sick?” With Parker, it is hard to know sometimes. If he is coughing, I get it. If he is trying to throw up, I get that too. I say trying because he had a fundoplication which basically is a wrapping around his esophagus because he had acid reflux so bad, he couldn’t keep anything down.  Now, he is unable to throw up. There are other signs of illness that occur that are also quite obvious, but, I will spare you the details. Most of the time, I don’t quite get what is wrong. I find myself playing 20 questions with myself. Not too much fun!

It began yesterday with Parker sleeping almost 12 hours which is something he does maybe twice a year. I thought we had won the lottery yesterday when we slept in until 8:10. Other then getting Parker to school late and my missing my workout, it was great! Parker’s teacher called less than 2 hours later to inform me he had a seizure and was resting. Okay, well when he gets extra sleep, he tends to have a seizure. I don’t know why, he just does. Later in the day, I found out he slept for over an hour at school after the seizure. Still nothing too unusual. He tends to sleep after a seizure. Not usually that long, but I wasn’t registering sick yet. I also found out that he ate only the fruit in his lunch and drank his Pediasure. The sandwich and dessert were pushed away. He does get nauseated after a seizure and tends to not want anything sweet. I took him to his OT (occupational therapy) and he did well. When we got home, I attempted to feed Parker some of the sandwich and he made it clear that it would make him sick to his stomach. Now I started asking, “Is he sick?”

He went to his playroom and played normally. He acted a little lethargic, but still played happily. Just before dinner, he seemed very sleepy and he was running a fever. I gave him some fever reducer and a bath and 30 minutes later, the fever was down and he ate his dinner. After dinner, he slowly became worn down and the fever went back up. I put him to bed and hoped that all would be well in the morning. No such luck! He had a rough night with the fever. I still didn’t know what was wrong, but, I got the fact that he was sick. In the morning, his temperature went back up and hit an all time high for him at 103. Since it was Friday and it is not as easy to see a doctor over the weekend, I decided we needed to see the pediatrician. I was hoping to find out what was ailing him.

I found out that his throat was red, but not strep. His ears, chest and glands were in good shape and his blood levels were all good. So we just have a virus and it is causing a sore throat and a fever. Okay, now I can make a plan. As usual, when we are in the doctor’s office, he always seems so much better. His temperature was only a bit over 100 and he was playing and laughing. I explained to the doctor that I am not just an overly hyper mom. Since Parker can’t talk, I never quite know what is wrong unless we come in for a check. At least now I was pretty sure that he just has a viral infection and it will run its course.

When we got home, like clockwork, his temperature went back up to 102+. Never in the pediatrician’s office to validate what I say! I won’t continue with a blow by blow of the remainder of the day. What I will say is that he slept extremely restless and awoke with a fever of 104.3. I was really getting nervous now. Parker had never before today had a temperature above 101. Just that temperature causes seizures and here we were with 104. I managed to get the temperature down to 100+ before bed and we gave him the extra seizure medicine for just such a time. Nevertheless, within 10 minutes, he was seizing in his sleep. Hopefully this will pass quickly!


About Lori Linn

Besides writing, Lori has been an Actress both on stage and in film, is currently a member of SAG and AFTRA, and is a credentialed teacher as well as her full time job as a mom.
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