Life After Surgery

As I sit here writing this post, it has been 3 weeks since my mastectomy and I am still having a lot of pain and discomfort. I am ready mentally to get back to life and living, but, my body keeps telling me to slow down and take it easy. If I didn’t have Parker waiting for mommy to get back to action, maybe I would feel differently and just relax more, but, he needs me whole again. Right now, my niece, Jessica, is living with us and doing a lot of what I usually do around the house and caring for Parker when the aides are not here. We also were approved by CAP C for an extra 60 hours a week of CNA time. In order to keep him cared for, we have 4 CNA’s that have shifts 7 days a week from 8:30AM until 8:00 or 9:00 at night Monday through Friday and 8:30-3:00 on Saturday and 9:00-4:00 on Sunday. Of course, Lee and Jessica keep the house up and meals going and care for Parker when we don’t have a CNA, and my parents have taken on a lot. My dad has been taking Parker to all his therapies each week. He has 5 hours of therapy a week. My mom has taken it upon herself to fix us dinner a lot. I know she has sent over at least 10-15 meals thus far. We also have some fantastic neighbors and other family members that have delivered meals and helped with purchasing groceries for us.

If Parker were attending school, we would have needed much less CNA time as he would be cared for until time for therapy in the afternoons. Since the school district has chosen to take an evil stance and dig in their heels, he is home and not getting any schooling. Yes, this district is so awful that even though Parker’s neurologist took him out of school for medical reasons until further notice, and asked for homebound services, he is getting nothing, not even a response from the district. What caring people they are! It makes me feel all warm inside seeing the amount of caring that the school district emanates! As long as I am being sarcastic, I guess I could say that for all the times the district throws out the acronym FAPE, a free appropriate public education, so much for their follow through. We already pay for it and they are not willing to educate him in an appropriate manner and he is getting no public education. So there is our school system working hard for…us?

The district EC director delighted over telling us over and over again that placement decisions are all hers to make and no judge will even want to look at our case because it is about placement. We wildly disagreed and still disagree with this statement. How can anyone have so much power that she or he can make a decision about a child against a medical professional who has given a strong recommendation to keep the child safe and look out for his health? I couldn’t believe that this could possibly be true. I decided that if a judge would dismiss the case based on her flimsy assumption of power, then the public school system is lost to us. The fact that a judge did not allow the case to be dismissed due to job title and power granted by way of such job, gives me hope that the lady is full of something and she needs to be brought down a peg or two. So our case is set to be fought in front of a judge next month. I hope I can be physically ready for the fight. We are taking on the district ourselves without an attorney. We went the attorney route last time and it cost a fortune and frankly we didn’t see the merit of an attorney, other than knowing all the proper lingo and procedures to follow. We will do it ourselves, save the money and do the best we can to follow procedures and keep up on the lawyer speak.

Wish us luck and lots of prayers are requested.


About Lori Linn

Besides writing, Lori has been an Actress both on stage and in film, is currently a member of SAG and AFTRA, and is a credentialed teacher as well as her full time job as a mom.
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One Response to Life After Surgery

  1. Kami says:

    Yes yes!!! Good luck with everything! If its’ any consolation, our school district is cutting teachers salaries 20% across the board and will prob get rid of Jacob’s OT and speech therapist next! Not sure if you would’ve even been better off staying here! Hope you feel better soon!

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