What A Year!

This has been quite a year for us and I can’t say I will miss 2011. Unfortunately, we have had conflicts with the head of special education in our school district since we came to the district. Simply put, she believes we should just let her do with our child whatever she sees fit to do and we believe we should make sure that what is being done is the best for our child. I know we are just some of those crazy overbearing parents that want the best for their child. I don’t know why we insist on fighting with her, other than the fact that our son doesn’t speak. Well, there is also the minor problem that he has epilepsy and of course he is fairly dependent on others to feed him, dress him and so on. So, there is only all of that!! This year really came to a climax in our ongoing conflict. The special education head was unwilling to budge in her determination that our son would be forced from his home school to a school that is 20 minutes from home. Her only reasoning was that he “must” be with his same age peers and she was not going to make one of two classes at the home school include his age peers. Her other reason was a real good one,” It is my decision”. Yeah, I really love that reason! Let’s just say, if it looks like harassment, feels like harassment, and sounds like harassment, it’s probably harassment.

Anyway, we continued a good fight through my cancer diagnosis, surgery and continuing treatment and found ourselves in front of the judge after Parker had already missed a month and a half of school. The day before the hearing, my husband and I discussed the possibility of addressing a one on one aid which had been proposed through Parker’s doctor and not sufficiently addressed. We were given the option at one meeting to have a one on one aid from an aid already in the class and we felt that would not work. We thought and still do think that someone already in a class routine would tend to fall back to that routine rather than completely change gears. We decided to make one last offer in an effort to not have to go through the hearing process, and we asked for an aid not already in the classroom. We still met for the hearing and the judge was very kind to allow us to present our offer in the conference room before coming to him with our case. To make a long story short, we presented our case, they gave us some further information and we asked many questions pertaining to the aid and we came to a last minute agreement. Or so we thought.

When we finally were getting Parker into school and ready to train the staff and particularly Parker’s aid, the district decided to renege on our deal. We are really dealing with evil here! They are pretending that our entire discussion wasn’t what it was. We are still so naïve with these people. Why didn’t we tape our discussion or at least write out our agreement and have it signed? All I can say is that we are good with our word and expect others to be the same. I can only hope and pray at this point that we have learned a very hard lesson and finally know we cannot trust or count on this person’s word. We need evidence and signed documents. Both my husband and I are so trusting of people, but, no longer with these person.

So Parker finally began school even though the district once again lied to us and proved to have no honorable intentions. As it turned out, they have a good ratio of adults to students and the class is quite small. But, you can be sure that if anything goes wrong this year, we will be back before the judge faster than you can say lawsuit. We may still re file our case and let the judge make the decision, but, we will be keeping a sharp eye on these people and not let anything slip anymore.


About Lori Linn

Besides writing, Lori has been an Actress both on stage and in film, is currently a member of SAG and AFTRA, and is a credentialed teacher as well as her full time job as a mom.
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