Hard Times Ahead

As I sit here trying to pick a topic to focus on for a post, all I can think about is the implications of the election this week. As everyone must know by now, 5 pages worth of companies were recorded on Thursday as closing, laying off, tapering down hours and so on in order to prepare for the Obamacare nightmare to come. I am sure many think it will be good and all I can say to you is just you wait and see. Unfortunately, you will not be able to do anything about what you see and feel, but, just wait and all will be revealed. As for me, I know a lot of what is coming and it scares me to death as I have my son with special needs to worry about. I have already been told by many doctors that healthcare will be changing for the worse as patients will have a harder time getting appointments and time with the doctors will be shorter. My parents have already been denied access to certain doctors as they have Medicare and it has already been stripped of over 700 billion dollars. My parents are deeply concerned that they will have to start paying for all their medications and that can and will break them unless they come out of retirement and search for work with everyone else that is out of work. What a way to treat people that were promised what to expect and then after it is too late to work longer before retiring, the game is changed in the middle. Nobody in their 70’s should have to work for their healthcare.


My son, who has never qualified to receive health insurance, other than group insurance, still has only Medicaid for healthcare. We don’t anticipate this circumstance to change no matter what the DC politicians claimed while planning for the masses how they would be cared for or not cared for. Notice they waived this “wonderful” plan for themselves as they are above such a thing, if only in their disturbed minds. It was only designed for the herd. Already my husbands and my insurance costs have risen and now we will be faced with extra charges, penalties, for not having a qualifying plan. The right to chose what is best for us has been taken from us and now we are being treated like a herd of cattle. So much for self reliance in this day of take from the government all the goodies you can and punish those who work hard and succeed. I can’t believe this is my country. What has happened to us? Where is that work ethic that built such a grand country that others wanted so desperately to become a part of?


I am sure my husband and I can survive and if not, we have lived a good life thus far and if God is ready for one or both of us, so be it. What worries me so much is that Parker is only 11 and has a whole lifetime ahead of him. He has so many medical problems and is in need of constant medications, and constant doctor’s visits to monitor and diagnose more problems as they arise. What will we do if his care is no longer covered? We can’t possibly afford his medications, much less all the doctor visits and supplies. The government at the state level has had his care and well being in their hands, but, now the federal government is sticking their nose where it does not belong and that is terrifying. He is a nameless number and anyone that believes killing a baby as it is born or even after it is born is heartless and numb to human suffering. Yes, Obama does believe in these horrific acts and if you don’t believe it, look up his voting record as senator.


Next, I was told that the government is working on a microchip to implant in all of us cattle to use for healthcare. It will have a barcode to give the medical community all our records and I am sure the government will have them all too. So much for our privacy. Death panels are on the way. This chip sounds so much to me like the mark of the beast that I can’t tell you how fast we will run from that! If death is our only option when this all happens, then death it is for we will be out of this mess and in heaven with God. I pray this happens after the rapture and we won’t have to deal with it at all. If you are not familiar with the rapture or mark of the beast, I suggest you read the Bible as it is written about in the New Testament and it is discussed in several books as well as Revelations.


I know I have been rambling as that is where my thoughts have been this week. Scary and hard times are around the corner and I feel that as a mom my job is to protect my son and plan for the event of needing a completely new way of getting healthcare for him. As I come up with ideas I am considering, I will write about them and share what I decide to do. If you have a special child, I would start researching now what you may need to do if the death panels decide your child’s life is not worth saving or if you are opposed to being marked with the chip. God did tell us that the devil would put us in a position to choose God or the satin. As for me, we whole heartedly choose God!


About Lori Linn

Besides writing, Lori has been an Actress both on stage and in film, is currently a member of SAG and AFTRA, and is a credentialed teacher as well as her full time job as a mom.
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