Children’s Books

Mom, What Is a Disability?

Non Fiction

Keywords: disability, wheelchair, special needs, disabled

Age/Grade Focus: Pre K – 3rd grade

No. Of Words: 531

Synopsis : While vacationing in Washington DC, Parker and his family go to see a museum. Parker is disabled and unable to walk on his own and for very long. He is in a wheelchair and his parents are trying to interest him in the exhibits they see. At one point, Parker’s family passes another family with a boy about Parker’s age. The boy sees Parker getting to ride in a chair and the boy states that he would like to be disabled too. At this point, the little boy gets a quick lesson about the meaning of having a disability. After learning what it really means to be disabled, the little boy realizes that he is happy just as he is; but, he also realizes that he is lucky to be able bodied and can be a help to others that are not.

Editing: After my critique, I did my own editing.

Other: Besides my novel that I am working on, I am looking to write several more books about subjects relating to disabilities. I plan to have a series of books that can educate young children about people, particularly children, with disabilities.


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