My Novel

I am about half the way through writing a novel about raising our son with special needs. It is a step by step accounting of what we learned about how to deal with doctors, therapists, social services, school districts and more. It will make you laugh and make you cry. We have been through a lot, more than we really knew until I began writing. Most of it seems pretty unbelievable; but, at the same time, some is quite funny, looking back. Of course, at the time it was happening, nothing seemed funny. In fact, I thought I would never laugh again. It is definitely cathartic to put it all into words and realize we made it. Yes, we still have a long ways to go; but, now we can laugh and do quite often.

The book is intended to entertain as well as inform. My hope is to be of some comfort to other families that are just beginning their journey into the world of raising a special needs child. When I was in the thick of it, I looked high and low for a book to help me. I wanted something to tell me where to go when I needed something, and I didn’t know which way to turn. I also wanted to hear other people say that they had gone through what we were going through and had come out the other side. Probably beat up and bandaged, but, alive to tell their tale. I couldn’t find anything like I was searching for. I found plenty of books about autism; but, that was too specific and didn’t really help me. For a very long time, we didn’t know what syndrome Parker had. We didn’t find out until he was about 8 years old. We had conflicting reports from doctors that couldn’t decide if he had seizures and no basic diagnosis. I wanted to read something about others encountering similar situations. I also wanted to know how they finally found out what their child had and where they found certain services. This book is also meant to be a source for how to find services, when to question experts, when to listen to your instincts and more.

As of now, my book doesn’t have a name. As I get closer to finishing, I hope a name will come to me.


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